Mark Sanchez and The Butt Fumble

Yes, you are probably reading this and thinking one of two things.

1. Did this writer just wake up from a coma and look up Jets highlights from the past 4 years and that was the first thing to come up?


2. Is this the new way people look at the Jets? In a constant state of dysfunction highlighted by one of the most infamous plays in football history.

But I come at all 4 of you readers out there with a loaded question: Do you honestly think that a day goes by where Dirty Sanchez isn’t reminded of the butt fumble?

Whether it be someone walking down the street, UPS guy, the pizza delivery guy, friends, family, comedians, teammates, really anyone this guy comes in contact with it is more than likely to come up. Think about it…when someone says “Mark Sanchez”, first things that come to your head are butt fumble, Jets quarterback, and Rex Ryan tattoo (not really the last one but I can’t write about Marky Mark and not bring that up). So let’s say Sanchez sees 15 random people a day that he doesn’t really know. At least 2 or 3 of those people are bringing it up something in the anus region. Realistically, the only day he may have went without hearing about it over the past 4 years is when he was bedridden with the flu. And even then a buddy of his probably shot him a text saying, “hey, heard you’re a banged up but here’s something to make you feel better!”

I’ve heard people say that it’s unfortunate that he did it in New York, as he will forever be ridiculed for the incident that occurred on that Thanksgiving night.  However I disagree. Sure he could have done it in Philadelphia, but it wouldn’t of surprised me if his house was burned to flames with him in it later that night.  Maybe in Dallas where the fans would have been so embarrassed that some real Cowboys would have shot him up on the side of the head. Both scenarios he ends up dead, at least in New York he will only be forever grilled. Not to mention he plays for an embarrassment of an organization in the Jets…if he pulled this shit on the Giants, well, it’d may be a different story.


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