Below the Belt Welcomes Michael Walker

BTB Sports has been in commission for about two months now, and it’s been even better than I thought it would be up to this point. Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t some huge success or anything. We only have 69 (lol) followers on Twitter, 59 on Instagram, and get about 150-200 page views a day (492 is our best but who’s counting?)

But there have been some really cool highlights since we started up in May. Getting retweeted by popular Yankee blog River Ave Blues or interviewing the #2 finisher in the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, just to name a few. Well, now we can add another to the list. We have officially added Ramsey High School’s own Michael Walker to the BTB team.

I was lucky enough to have Mr. Walker as a teacher for both my junior and senior years at RHS. Going to his Economics or Pre-Calculus classes was always a pleasure, even though those are probably two of my least favorite subjects I’ve ever had to learn. Mr. Walker is the only teacher I ever had who would talk sports or quote Anchorman with us, all while making sure we knew how to draw Supply and Demand curves before the AP test.

He is also known for his legendary Facebook statuses, which are always very relatable and informative, whether they’re sports or life related.

This is actually what gave us the idea to ask Mr. Walker to write for BTB in the first place. He can also remember the major details of every day of his life since like 1994, so “This Day in Sports History” articles seem imminent.

For all of my fellow RHS grads, I’m sure you’re as excited as I am for this. If you didn’t go to RHS and have no idea who Michael Walker is, it’s almost foolish that you’ve read this blog up to this point, but I promise you’ll enjoy his writing. So join me in giving Mr. Michael Walker a warm welcome to the best mediocre sports blog in America, and be sure to check out his very first post today at 5 PM.


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