Why Melo in a Rockets Uniform Would be a Shit Show

“Sit back and wait” are the words of Chris Paul when asked about the possibility of Carmelo Anthony being traded to Houston.  Out of all the reports, all the rumors, all the whispers from agents, organizations, and whomever else like to voice their opinion, that is the most convincing phrase that leads me to believe that this deal is going to go down.
It has become quite clear that Melo will not be on the team by the start of the season, which alone makes no sense because his trade value is lower than ever.  Carmelo is an asset, who’s stock value is at its lowest point.  Why not wait for that stock to go up? Because your not getting jack shit for him at the moment. That list of 2 teams that Melo is willing to wave his trade clause for will slowly expand, as the season starts and the Knicks continue to be bad, and he keeps getting older, that list of Cleveland and Houston could very well expand and give the Knicks an opportunity to receive more.
The Knicks seem adamant on trading him however, and Cleveland is not the team he will be going to. But you put Melo, Chris Paul, and James Harden together playing under Mike D’Antoni, problems could rise.
We’ll start with CP3 and Jimmy on the same squad alone. Both are players who are best with the ball in their hands. James Harden has converted into a point guard, along with being the alpha on the Houston rockets, but now there is another alpha, another point guard, on their team. Who knows how the two will mesh.
Now add Carmelo Anthony.  Best friends with Chris Paul and another ego who is hard enough to deal with on his own, not to mention with one of his best buds.  Along with Coach D’Antoni who’s words were, “it’s up to the front office,” and “that’s life,” when asked about Carmelo potentially being traded to Houston.  Melo and D’Antoni had a less than cordial relationship when the two were paired up in New York.
So what are you left with Mike Dantoni and James Harden vs Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul in what’s sure to be a catastrophic relationship in terms of chemistry in the locker room.  So now that it’s a matter of not if but when this trade will go down, there’s a good chance, that they will end up looking like the Knicks by the end of it.  You can take Melo from New York, but you can’t take the New York out of Melo.

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