The Worst Names in Sports History

The other day I saw a tweet about USC quarterback Sam Darnold regarding his family history in athletics.  Anything stand out?

If you are as immature as me, the name “Dick Hammer” made you laugh like an eight year old who just heard a fart in church.  So this got me thinking…what are some of the worst names in sports? Que the list below.

Dick Hammer

He was actually a college basketball player and US Olympic volleyball player, but his name is easily the best thing about him.

Image result for dick hammer

Rusty Kuntz

My personal favorite.  I don’t think I’ll ever not laugh at this name.

Image result for rusty kuntz

Dick Trickle

Not sure what’s worse: his name or the fact he does NASCAR

Image result for dick trickle

Dick Pole

And he was a Bust… 0 for 2.

Image result for dick pole

Stubby Clapp

Stubby is clearly a nickname, but why call yourself that? You might as well just stuff yourself in the locker for the bully.

Image result for stubby clapp

Steve Sharts

Not even a joke here, Sharts is just hilarious, sorry Steve.

Image result for steve sharts

Dick Butkus

If my last name was Butkus, I’d probably stick with Richard.

Image result for dick butkus

Dick Shiner

Dude, have somewhat of a clue.

Image result for johnny dickshot

Johnny Dickshot

Sounds more like a nickname for somebody who gets hit in the balls a lot.

Image result for johnny dickshot

Chubby Cox

Yeah, why not.

Image result for chubby cox

Destinee Hooker

Her parents definitely didn’t look too deep into this one when they chose the name.

Image result for destinee hooker

Kyle Sackrider

When you have a last name like that, your only option is to give your kid a normal name like Kyle.  Smartest parents on this list so far.

Image result for kyle sackrider

Phyllis Mangina

I can hear it now: “Phyllis has a mangina, Phyllis has a mangina”

Image result for phyllis mangina

If you know any other horrible names, comment them below.  Hopefully the list here is just the beginning…

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