Chris Berman to be Replaced by Live Chicken for HR Derby broadcast

ESPN has finally found its replacement for the legendary Chris Berman: a live chicken. BTB Sports received reports from an anonymous ESPN rep this morning that the company had been leaning this way for a long time, finally signing the chicken to a contract earlier this week. Berman had been calling the Derby since the “Worldwide Leader in Sports” began broadcasting the event live in 1994. However, ESPN has found themselves in the metaphorical toilet lately, having to lay off over 100 employees in April of this year. They’re reported to be re-thinking their broadcast strategy of reporting strictly LeBron vs. Jordan and recaps of Deflategate three years later (we’re all as surprised as they are that it’s not working out for them.)

As for the new Home Run Derby broadcaster, it seems like the perfect fit. “Honestly, I’ve thought it’s been a chicken doing the broadcast since Josh Hamilton put on a show at the old Yankee Stadium back in 2008,” the ESPN rep told BTB Sports. “After awhile, Chris saying “back back back” becomes unintelligible from a chicken speaking.” The terms of the chicken’s contract were not disclosed, and the chicken could not be reached for comment at this time. However, it does appear likely that the chicken will be receiving its own television show alongside Stephen A. Smith. If it becomes official, you heard it here first.

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