Quick Reminder That Max Scherzer is in a Triple Crown Race

For some reason I feel like people forget about Max Scherzer because everybody gets lost in the Clayton Kershaw hype.  Fans think that no matter what Kershaw is the best pitcher in baseball, which is hard to argue with. But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Max Scherzer is the best pitcher in baseball.

He literally has no-hit stuff every time he takes the mound, and he already has two in his career. Kershaw is amazing, but when he loses command of his curveball, he comes down to Earth a little. Scherzer has like 19 different pitches for strikes so when one’s off, he has other options.  Fans think it’s a lock that Kershaw will be starting on the hill this year for the All-Star game (if ready based on his start schedule), but I’m here to stand up for Scherzer.

He is nearing the pitching Triple Crown in the NL, behind only in wins.  His ERA is 1.94 (1st), he has 163 K’s (1st in NL, 2nd in MLB to Sale), and is sitting at 10 wins (4th).  He also happens to be 1st in WHIP (.771) and Hits per 9 IN (4.997).  His stats speak for him.

Halfway through the year he’s making a push to lead all three major categories in pitching (ERA, Strikeouts, and Wins).  If the Nationals keep playing well for him, then I see no reason why we won’t see some history out of him this year.

If you’re only a mild baseball fan and you have just kind of heard that he’s good but not sure why, watch these highlights for some further knowledge:

I could watch that a million times.

That’s a change-up at 89 that moves like a lefty slider.  Good luck.

One of those “It’s too easy” games. He got a guy to strikeout on a fastball when it hit him. That’s called “guessing”.

I think Scherzer has clearly dethroned Kershaw as the ace of the MLB, and if he can pull off the Triple Crown this year, other people may finally believe me.

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