2017 MLB All-Star Game Teams, Snubs, and Surprises

Before we talk about the people who should or should not be headed to Miami, let’s first go over who’s on the team:

*Players in ITALICS are starters

American League

Salvador Perez, C

Gary Sanchez, C

Justin Smoak, 1B

Yonder Alonso, 1B

Jose Altuve, 2B

Starlin Castro, 2B

Jonathon Schoop, 2B

Carlos Correa, SS

Francisco Lindor, SS

Jose Ramirez, 3B

Miguel Sano, 3B

Aaron Judge, OF

Mike Trout, OF

George Springer, OF

Mookie Betts, OF (replacing injured Mike Trout)

Avisail Garcia, OF

Michael Brantley, OF

Corey Dickerson, DH

Nelson Cruz, DH

Yu Darvish, SP

Michael Fulmer, SP

Ervin Santana, SP

Dallas Keuchel, SP

Corey Kluber, SP

Lance McCullers, SP

Chris Sale, SP

Luis Severino, SP

Jason Vargas, SP

Dellin Betances, RP

Andrew Miller, RP

Craig Kimbrel, RP


National League

Buster Posey, C

Yadier Molina, C

Ryan Zimmerman, 1B

Paul Goldschmidt, 1B

Joey Votto, 1B

Daniel Murphy, 2B

Josh Harrison, 2B

DJ LeMahieu, 2B

Zack Cozart, SS

Corey Seager, SS

Nolan Arenado, 3B

Jake Lamb, 3B

Charlie Blackmon, OF

Bryce Harper, OF

Marcell Ozuna, OF

Giancarlo Stanton, OF

Ender Inciarte, OF

Cody Bellinger, OF

Michael Conforto, OF

Zach Grienke, SP

Clayton Kershaw, SP

Carlos Martinez, SP

Robbie Ray, SP

Max Scherzer, SP

Stephen Strasburg, SP

Wade Davis, RP

Brad Hand, RP

Greg Holland, RP

Kenley Hansen, RP

Corey Knebel, RP

Pat Neshek, RP



Jose Ramirez: This guy is not a household name yet, which is literally the only reason he’s on this list.  Certain fans may have been shocked to see an unfamiliar name starting at third, but if you look at his stats (.326 BA, 15 HR, league-leading 5 triples), there is no surprise he’s the AL’s best third baseman this year.

George Springer: Springer being on this team isn’t a surprise, but him being a starter is. When it comes to Astros’ young and talented players, you really don’t think George Springer, but his election into the starting lineup should solidify into people’s minds that Houston has a three-headed beast.

Yonder Alonso: You probably still don’t know this guy’s name, but keep your ears open for his name.  He’s somebody who recently made some changes to his swing and is seeing his hard work pay off.  The Oakland A’s first baseman could be the next Jose Bautista.

Image result for yonder alonso

Luis Severino: Last year Luis Severino couldn’t have got my mom out (shoutout Mom), but this year he has led this mostly veteran pitching staff as a inexperienced stud.  We knew he had All-Star potential, but I bet nobody thought he’d be here this year.

Ryan Zimmerman: Just when you thought he was done, Zimmerman climbs out from six feet under and returns to bat over .330.  I really thought Zimmerman was in one of those David Wright situations where he was never allowed to move again or he’d break in half, but whaddyaknow, he’s an All-Star.

Image result for spongebob broken bones
David Wright pictured above

Zack Cozart: In a world where young, powerful shortstops seems to be the formula to success, Zack Cozart defies that logic. Note: I had no idea this guy existed until this year.

Ender Inciarte: I was honestly just more surprised the Braves had a good player not named Freddie Freeman (who would be on this team had he played in more than 39 games).

Brad Hand: Same thing goes for the Padres, I thought they were a minor league team.



Logan Morrison:  Even though this guy is a bit of whiner, his stats prove him right.  He has every right to be in this game.

Eric Thames: His 23 home runs sound a lot more appealing than his .245 average, but you can still consider him one of the leagues most exciting and best power hitters this year.  He’s borderline for sure, but I think he should find his way onto this team.

Image result for eric thames

Alex Wood: The guy hasn’t lost a game yet and has a sub-2 ERA. What more do you people want?

Image result for alex wood

Aaron Hicks: If you miss more than 15-20 games and your name isn’t Mike Trout, it’s gonna be tough for you to see the likes of this game. But Hicks has great numbers this year, and if it doesn’t happen in 2017 you’re likely to see him on the squad for years to come.

Gio Gonzalez: When you’re teammates with Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg, you need to be having a Cy Young type year to get a third guy from your rotation to be considered. Unortunately for Gio, that’s exactly what he is doing but he still didn’t get the nod. I don’t care if you have to put the whole Nationals team on the roster, if they deserve it, they deserve it.

Justin Turner: Kenley Jensen and I both think Turner should be in this game. Granted, he missed around 30 games this year, but he is still batting .384. Come on, Dodgers fans, wake up.

Didi Gregorius/Xander Bogaerts: These two players have essentially been the same thing this year, if you subtract the time Didi missed in the beginning of the year. Both are competing in the Final Vote, but they have played tremendously this year.

Note Note: For all those who think Kris Bryant is a snub from the team because he’s “supposed” to be an All-Star, you’re what’s wrong with the system.  He’s batting .260, he should be nowhere near this game.

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