Kenley Jansen Calling Out Dodger Fans for Not Voting His Teammates Into the All-Star Game Seems Like a Bad Idea

Despite being the best team in the National League this year, the Dodgers will not have any starters in the All-Star game. Their star closer, Kenley Jansen, wasn’t shy about blaming the team’s fans. When asked about the team not having any starters in the game, Jansen said “I’ll say it loud and clear again: It’s the Dodger fans’ fault.”

I’ve always thought fans getting to vote for the All-Star starters is dumb, in any sport. That’s how you get Yao Ming voted as the “starter” in the NBA All-Star game like 5 years in a row despite always being hurt and playing like 12 games combined in those five years. With that said, at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter who the hell starts the game. If you’re having a good enough season to be considered a starter, you’re probably gonna make the team anyway. I guarantee Dodger fans don’t really give a shit none of their guys are starting. They’re in first place, that’s what fans care about.

And it’s not like they’re a bad fan base. I can totally understand Jansen being upset if the Dodgers were in first place and fans weren’t coming out to the games. But they rank FIRST in average attendance in the league this year. Who the fuck cares that they didn’t vote their guys into the All-Star game? I voted once or twice for my Yankee guys this year, but at the end of the day how much does it really matter? I’m sure a ton of tech guys have some kind of intricate algorithms or some shit set up that automatically votes for their guys five billion times a day. Me voting five times a day is like going to NYC, picking up one piece of litter, and saying I helped clean the city.

Bottom line, I get it’s a little frustrating that Dodger fans didn’t vote as much as other fan bases. But Kenley Jansen calling out his own fan base is a huge hardo move.

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