Taylor Swift’s Video Congratulating Russell Westbrook Makes Me Irrationally Angry (Or Maybe Not?)

Before I start, let’s get one thing straight: I have absolutely no issues with Taylor Swift’s music. She has countless jams and classics. If you don’t think a 20-year old male should enjoy Taylor Swift’s music, then screw you, you also make me irrationally angry. No, this is about Taylor Swift the public figure. The one who will date guys for five minutes just to get another song out of the breakup. The one who dances awkwardly at award shows, giving everyone else the same uncomfortable feeling as when you’re the only sober one around your drunk friends.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a HORRIBLE dancer. But there’s a time and place for bad dancing, and these award shows don’t seem like it. Anyway, we are Below the Belt SPORTS, not People Magazine (little free advertising there – you’re welcome People Magazine), so let’s get back to why Taylor Swift is the topic of discussion today.

Russell Westbrook won the NBA MVP award last night after a stellar 2016-17 season in which he averaged 42 triple doubles. I’ve never been a huge fan of Westbrook’s, because even though he’s an amazing player, his shot selection is questionable at best. I always had a feeling Durant would leave him in free agency, even if I didn’t know he’d become the biggest sellout in NBA history and join the Warriors. But nonetheless, you can’t doubt Westbrook’s ability, and even though I think you can make the case for LeBron to win the MVP every year, Westbrook was clearly deserving of the award. Here’s where our good friend Taylor comes in:

She looks great, I’ll give her that. But I thought she was just trying wayyy too hard. The part that surprised me was the end when she said she’s never even met him? What’s that about? Russell is married, but if this is Taylor’s way of sliding in his DMs, I take back everything I just said. If she’s trying to get a piece of the newest NBA MVP (I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt that she doesn’t know he’s married because marriage is sacred and stuff and she seems like a nice girl), then I respect the SHIT out of this move. 2017 is the Summer of Shooters, and what do shooters do? They shoot, baby. So shoot your shot, Taylor. If it doesn’t go in, just Shake it Off.

(You didn’t think I’d get through an entire Taylor Swift blog without a poor Shake it Off reference, did you? I understand if this makes you so angry that you want to report me to the government, I’ve provided the link for those of you who do here.)


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