Rutgers Football/Tailgate Season is 70 Days Away

There’s no such thing as a bad college semester, especially at Rutgers. Each one brings different excitement and experiences, and aside from exam season, there’s never a dull moment in the Dirty Bruns. However, gun to my head, I’m picking Fall semester over Spring ten times out of ten.

Is Rutgers football any good? They definitely weren’t in 2016. But I have faith that we’re only going to get better every year in the Ash era, we just have to #TrustTheProcess. No matter what the product on the field is like, tailgate season is an experience like no other. I think it’s the coolest thing that basically everyone at Rutgers gets up at 8 AM, when if it wasn’t game day you couldn’t drag them out of bed before 11, just to get blackout drunk with their fellow students. That’s what college is all about (and I guess the classes part?)

For the first 2 home games last year, Rutgers gave us heaven on Earth, The Alley. The parking lot next to the Werblin fields became the land of opportunity. Every Greek life organization at Rutgers tailgating in one centralized location? It was something out of a movie.



However, sooner than Kim K was taken from Kris Humphries, Rutgers took The Alley from us. The worst part? They blamed it on our fearless leader, Pat Hobbs.

The Rutgers administration as a whole doesn’t show a whole lot of care about us. They give us the worst bus schedules imaginable, make registering for classes hell, and God knows what they put in the food at Brower. You have to experience it to truly know what “RU screw” means. But Pat Hobbs? This is a man of the people. Not only does he get us a student tailgate lot, but he shows up to talk to us and even drinks a beer. Kirkland, too, it doesn’t get more Rutgers than that. I could go on for days about how mad it made me that he was the scapegoat for The Alley closing, but back to the topic at hand: tailgate season.

Even with The Alley closing, that didn’t stop Rutgers. The tailgates moved back to the traditional College Ave locations, and they were as wild as ever. Check out 5:04-5:37 of this video, the rest is literally irrelevant but there’s 30 seconds of straight tailgate hype. Not sure how this kid got in, but he shoots some dope videos.

Shoutout my brother Garrison telling everyone to “part the Red Sea” once the cops showed up, almost kept the tailgate alive a little longer. Having dages/tailgates get shut down is a huge buzzkill. Luckily, we didn’t have any trouble with our Penn St. game tailgate, making it all the way until kickoff.

The rumor is that there will be an Alley-like student tailgate lot open for the 2017 season at a different location on Busch. The best we can do is hope. Worst comes to worst, we’ll make the best of it. There’s no season like tailgate season. Hobbs/Ash ’17, Make Rutgers Great Again.

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