“7 Days in Hell” is Iconic and More People Need to Know About It

When it comes to famous comedy movies, your mind immediately wanders to the likes of Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Vince Vaughn, Mike Myers, or Zach Galifinakis.  Well I’m here to wake you up and roll you out of bed because school is in session.

This is an HBO movie that flies way too low under the radar.  Andy Samberg and some British guy (Kit Harrington) battle it out on the tennis courts to see who is the best player in the world.  The problem, it is such an even match-up that the game takes seven days to complete. Within these seven days, the two opponents go back and forth at each other trying to throw the other one off their game.

I would love to describe more of this to you, but you literally just have to go and watch it, and I’m not about to spoil all the jokes. It’ll make you say “What the actual fuck?” somewhere between 3-9 times, and the thought of Andy Samberg being a cocaine-addict, rock-star tennis player with a mullet bigger than his torso should be enough for you to check this out.

Even if you don’t have HBO Go, get the free trial.  If you don’t want to bother with that, ask somebody for their password.  If that’s too much, I’m sure one of your friends is actually using another random person’s account because HBO Go accounts get passed around more than Dwight Howard after 2011 (BANG).

Watch it with some friends and have a good laugh, it’ll be a movie you’re quoting for a long time to come.

One thought on ““7 Days in Hell” is Iconic and More People Need to Know About It”

  1. Great work, Rob. I could spend 40 minutes every day watching this mockumentary, and it would always be time well-spent. I also love the new “Tour de Pharmacy” that just came out.


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