There is Something About White-Haired Crazy Guys That Runs Deep in the Blood of the Chicago Cubs

If you don’t know who Harry Carey is, he is the former Cubs announcer who likely had Mad Cow’s Disease for a large portion of his life.  He coined the phrase “Cubs Win!!” (rather creative), but most people know him from Will Ferrell’s iconic portrayal of him on SNL.

But there may be a new crazy, white-haired man in Chicago, and his name is Joe Maddon.

Image result for joe maddon

Baseball is a game of patterns and conformity.  Things are done certain ways in certain situations because it is logical.

He has turned the Chicago Cubs upside down in wake of a mediocre season following a magical one.  Maddon has been starting reliever Mike Montgomery batting traditional three-hitter Anthony Rizzo leadoff.

A leadoff hitter is supposed to be somebody who is fast, sees pitches, and gets on base. Rizzo is a power hitting, slow, first baseman who usually spanks the first fastball he sees.

But you know, baseball is weird.

Anthony Rizzo is absolutely lighting it up. In his first seven games as a leadoff hitter he is hitting .429 with two doubles, one triple, four home runs, seven runs and 10 RBIs, via The Chicago Tribune. 

Joe Maddon has a reputation for being a little off the beaten path with his coaching methods, and this is really just an effort to try and shock the Cubs back into excellence, but there are not many people who this would work for other than crazy Joe.  Rizzo has found his stroke, and it seems like the Cubs have found their stride this year.



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