Nolan Arenado Is A Bad, Bad Man

Nolan Arenado

Hitting for the cycle is crazy, but hitting a walk-off home run to complete the cycle and coming out of the dog pile bloody and covered in dirt and sweat is crazier than Hannibal Lecter on LSD.

Arenado isn’t a household name yet, and that’s probably because he plays in the weed capital of America of Colorado instead of for a bigger market team, but this guy is the real deal.  People seem to ignore the fact that he is now a perennial MVP candidate and one of the biggest emerging stars in baseball.

His stat line, although really good, isn’t anything eye-popping in 2017 (.299, 15 HR, 55 RBI), but Arenado is putting up HUGE career numbers and quite possibly a Hall of Fame career. He has 126 home runs through roughly four and a half years, so if he played twenty years he’d be sitting around 630 total.  And before you even think it, your argument about “the air being thin” will not be accepted. Thanks for trying.

Only 26 years old and signed with the Rockies through 2018, with arbitration set for 2019, Arenado could receive a massive deal when he hits the market. He is easily somebody who deserves more recognition in the MLB, and after parading around Coors Field in wake of walking-off a blood-ridden cycle, I think he’ll get it.


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