Throwback Thursday: National Geographic Lights Up the Internet with Penguin Fighting Video

Not these Penguins

Image result for pittsburgh penguins


These boys.

What a fight, let’s get these penguins in the octagon and get this shit on Pay-Per View.

Beak, flipper, beak, beak, beak, left flipper, THIS GUY’S A SOUTHPAW!!!!!

I mean the back and forth, the suspense, the COMEBACK?!?!, and the final defeat. Unbeatable and undefeated, Mother Nature takes another W.

Imagine sitting around watching that, though? That’s bigger than middle school drama, that’s like if you see parents fighting at a Little League game and even the players stop to watch, but nobody says anything about it EVER. You just have to let them clear the air and let bygones be bygones (I have no idea what a bygone is by the way).

All the other penguins were just sitting there watching like:

Image result for smile and wave gif

Sadly enough, the hoe of a wife chose the homewrecker, and somewhere Chris Brown is hollowly shouting “These hoes ain’t loyal”.

If this video doesn’t describe modern Twitter crazes, I don’t know what else would. Before you know it there will be a series on E! called “Keeping Up with the Penguins”, and you’ll NEVER guess what Mother Penguin said.

Keep up the good work, Nat Geo.  That’s journalism at its finest.



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