I’ll Watch the Rocky Movies Over Mayweather/McGregor Any Day

This fight has been anticipated for awhile now. Boxing’s best vs. the MMA’s best. These guys are both champs that have big personalities and a certain swagger to them. Sounds like an awesome fight. But you know what? I’m not buying it.

I’ve got no rationale behind this. I know next to nothing about boxing or MMA but I just don’t care about this fight. Means nothing to me. I think all the guys in the fighting industry are amazing promoters who can get people excited for these fights, but the fights will never live up to expectations. I remember sitting in my basement with my friends senior year watching the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. We all spent like $16 on the pay-per-view and had been looking forward to it all week. I don’t know what happened after that, but it wasn’t a fight. It looked like an awkward bar encounter between two guys who were both too drunk to actually throw and punches. One of the biggest wastes of time and money in my entire life, and definitely the most disappointed I’ve ever been by a sporting event.

So now you’re telling me I’m supposed to spend money to watch the same defensive boxer “fight” a guy who doesn’t even box? No thanks boys, I’m good. I’d much rather put my money towards beer.

Am I possibly wrong? Could this end up being one of the best fights ever? More than possible. I don’t know enough to deny that. But my standards of boxing will always be too high because of the Rocky movies. I mean look at this fake 30-for-30 on Rocky 4.


“These guys were landing 91% of their power punches!” Classic. I mean when else have you seen a juiced-up Soviet kill an American boxing hero in the ring, only for his best friend to come out of retirement to fight him in Russia on Christmas and end the Cold War by beating him? That’s what I thought. And even if the old Rocky movies aren’t your thing, you can’t tell me you didn’t enjoy Creed. Michael B. Jordan is one of the more underrated actors in America.

So have fun wasting your money on Mayweather/McGregor. Hell, maybe McGregor will win and I’ll miss out. But no matter what happens, neither of these guys will ever be as big of a legend as Rocky Balboa.

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