Yankees Take 2/3 from the Red Sox to Extend Division Lead to 3 Games and it Feels GOOD

After Tanaka’s dud of a start Tuesday, the Yankee offense exploded to outscore the Sox 17-1 in the last 2 games. CC and Big Mike Pineda both had awesome pitching performances, and everyone seems to be hitting the ball. Hell, even Christ Carter is hitting. If you told me 2 days ago that Carter was gonna go 3-4 with a home run and the one out was a home run that he got robbed of, this would have been my reaction

Image result for drugs are bad

Because I actually would have thought you were on hard drugs. But Carter came through in this series, and I almost feel a little bad for imploring that he get released for the past few weeks (I don’t though.)

The real positive to this series is that although the Yankees didn’t have to face Chris Sale, they absolutely crushed the Sox’ other 2 big-time starters in Porcello and Price. Porcello has not had nearly as good a campaign as when he won the Cy Young in 2016, but it was great to beat him nonetheless. And as for David Price, the Yankees never fail to make him look like one of the most overrated pitchers in the league.

Image result for the price is wrong

El Gary had 2 homers last night, Judge is still hitting baseballs harder than anyone knew was humanly possible, Gardner is still hitting homers. Obviously a 3 game lead in June means almost nothing, and the Red Sox are definitely a formidable team. But if there was any doubt whether or not the 2017 Yankees were legit, this series proved that they are. It may only be early June but man I love this team. Buck Foston baby, Yankees by a million.


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