Don’t Tell Me That Pick-Up Games Don’t Matter

The 2011 movie Moneyball delivered to us not only another great movie with fat Jonah Hill, but also a rather memorable quote: “We’re all told at some point in time that we can no longer play the children’s game, we just don’t…we don’t know when that’s gonna be. Some of us are told at eighteen, some of us are told at forty, but we’re all told.”

And while this article isn’t specifically about baseball, the quote still speaks volume. For most of the world, the games that mean something decrease with age once we’re told our competitive careers are over, and the trips to the blacktop or the turf or the backyard, playing pick-up with the boys, feel like the most important days of our lives.

Sure, from the outside, does it look a little weird to try really, really hard in a game to 11 where the winner receives literally nothing? Yeah, I won’t deny it.  But on the inside? You’re dialed in.  You’re throwing up shots left and right trying to fix your shot for the major comeback that’s never happening. You’re trying to look off the make-believe safety and throw a Dilfer Dime into the back of that endzone come hell or high water. And damn’t…you should be proud.

I think everybody remembers Hurricane Doug (a living legend) from that really funny Taco Bell commercial.  Hurricane Doug is you, he is me…he is us.

Besides his decision of eating Taco Bell right before an intense pick-up game, which is within the top five worst ideas in civilization’s history, Doug should be idolized.  That confidence he brings into an irrelevant game of basketball is great, and is what makes it fun.

These games give us a chance to fill Kobe’s shoes, or run like Randy Moss, and even on those rare occasions you get a good wiffleball game going, hit the shit out of the ball like Griffey.

My point being that being the try-hard of the friend group isn’t a bad thing, all it does is it makes the game that doesn’t “matter” feel like it does.  And for all the kids out there that stopped playing sports after high school, that matters.

The games we play may not mean anything anymore, but they still matter.  Keep going hard.

Except you, Brett Favre. Give it up already.

Image result for jeans favre
Playing pick-up football in jeans is an absolute joke.  That’s what 20 years of football and 300 concussions gets a man.


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