Top Five Ugliest Players in the NBA Finals

First off, this list is long overdue. Ugly players come and go, but these players are on the biggest stage in the world right now, and there is no hiding. These are guys playing in front of millions of fans that in reality shouldn’t be allowed in public, let alone a professional court.

5. Channing Frye

Image result for channing frye

At first glance, he’s not that bad.  Good skin, good facial hair.  Take a second look though. His eyes are all crooked, he’s got elephant ears, and his head is uncomfortably long. He just defines the term “asymmetrical”.

4. Matt Barnes

Image result for matt barnes

One thing about Matt Barnes is his shot is probably uglier than him, but that doesn’t excuse his fish eyes.  Personally, I’m not a fan of tattoo sleeves, but some people pull it off. Matt Barnes…you do not, and Kobe still didn’t flinch.

Image result for matt barnes gif

3. Draymond Green

Related image

His goatee looks like it was Sharpied on, for starters. His ears look like they start on the back of his neck and his nose pretty much takes up his whole face.  Maybe it’s just this picture because there’s times when I’ve seen not look as miserable, but wow this one is bad.

2. James Jones

Related image

James Jones looks forty years older than he actually is, and his eyebrows can simply be mistaken for wrinkles. There’s also something about the tip of his head that severely pisses me off.  Overall, it just kind of looks like his face is being stretched outward.  Confirmed…ugly.

  1. Zaza Pachulia

Image result for zaza pachulia

This guy makes the the Hunchback of Notre Dame look like John Stamos.  His face looks like he is suffering from a lifetime allergy attack.  I don’t want to beat a dead horse but Good Grief is this man hideous.






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