Twitter Needs an Age Maximum

The 2016 Election was basically won/lost on Twitter, which is pretty fucking scary considering the main reason I go on Twitter is for the memes, or maybe the occasional sports update. I’m not gonna get political at all here, because I’ll be damned if I ever write a politics-based article on this site. But can we acknowledge how cringe-worthy it is to see Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton use Twitter?

Late on Tuesday night, our commander-in-chief fired off this head-scratcher.

Image result for trump confeve

…and then proceeded to not delete it or tweet again until the next morning. Literally reminds you of when one of your Grandparents is telling you a story and they just fall asleep in the middle of it. Also not really sure how the word covfefe even made it in there. Clearly he was trying to say coverage, but covfefe autocorrects to that. It happened to me like 3 times just now trying to type “covfefe” on my iPhone. Not sure how you do it, Donnie, but you do.

Image result for i'm not mad meme

Of course, this generated a response from the best Twitter comedian of our generation, Hillary Clinton. Let’s see what everyone’s favorite cool Grandma came up with.

Image result for confused meme

Just so painfully unfunny. If there’s one thing that’s a testament to how much people hate Trump, it’s the fact that this tweet has 200K retweets and almost 500K favorites. Hill-dawg just takes the word Trump misspelled and throws it into the old “don’t throw stones if you’re in a glass house” phrase? Really just almost as big of a head-scratcher as the original Trump tweet, but the way Twitter reacted you’d think she was funnier than Will Ferrell doing a movie with Jonah Hill.

If there’s one thing on the agenda for 2020, it’s regulating Twitter to no one over 40 unless people actually want to hear from you. Despite these being two of the most notable politicians and probably people of our generation, I think I speak for most people when I say they’re the last ones I wanna see on my Twitter feed.


Image result for derek jeter for president

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