Developing Story: Does Masahiro Tanaka Have the Yips?

The Yips: Most common in baseball, The Yips happens when a baseball player no longer remembers what the hell is going on with his arm and cannot throw a ball anywhere near where he wants to.  It can result in absolute bombs thirty rows into the stands, embarrassment during easy games of catch, and the inability to be, what most people call, “good”.

See: Chuck Knoblauch

Image result for the yips chuck knoblauch

There have been A LOT of unexpected things to happen to the Yankees this year, and almost all of them have been good.  Starlin Castro is emerging as one of the league’s best second baseman, Aaron Judge is fighting for Rookie of the Year and MVP,  Brett Gardner learned how to use steroids, Luis Severino is throwing the ball like an ace, and we are in first place without Gary Sanchez, Aroldis Chapman, and Dellin Betances having to put the team on their back for all 162 games.

But if you told me at the beginning of the year that Mashiro Tanaka would be this terrible, I would’ve told you to watch this video and say one more bad thing about this man:

There is no time for questions, all I can confirm is that Japan has figured out entertainment for the rest of us, now we all just need to follow suit.

Regardless, Tanaka has been beyond dreadful this year, with the exception of his complete game gem against the Red Sox and last Friday night against the A’s.  With last night’s outing against the Orioles, he has now given up seven runs in three separate outings this year, and he is the farthest thing from our “ace”.

His line for the year, according to ESPN: 6.34 ERA, 5-5, 56 K’s in 61 innings and a WHIP of 1.52…not exactly the numbers we expect from a 2016 Cy Young candidate.

I thought Asians were supposed to be smart, but it’s a pretty dumb move, for a year that you have potential to opt out of a contract and steal more money from the Yankees than you currently are ($22 Mil per year), to take a ginormous shit on your team’s playoff chances. I don’t know, it could just be me though.

If the Yankees are gonna make a playoff run this year, Tanaka needs to get out of this funk he’s in, stop putting sliders on coat hangers, and find something close to his 2016 form.  Clearly the talent is there, we have seen it (rarely) in 2017.

Every championship team has a guy they can hand the ball to and say “Get. This. Done.” It’s hard to call Pineda that guy because he’s so inconsistent, Sabathia used to be that guy but he is getting old and his stuff isn’t what it once was, Severino is young and inexperienced, and Jordan Montgomery is still finding himself as a pitcher.  Therefore, Tanaka has to step up and figure out a way to be that guy.

The Yankees have been great this year in spite of his awful season, but I can’t wait to see where they can go with him pitching like he can…and should.

P.S.: Next garbage day in the Bronx, put Chase Headley out on the street and let’s go dumpster diving for a real third baseman please.

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