BTB Picks: NBA Finals

The 2017 NBA Finals have been hyped up more than global warming, and almost everybody in the Milky Way Galaxy knew this would be the matchup.  Fans are conflicted on who will come out on top since these are by far and away the two best teams in the NBA with a combined postseason record of 24-1.  Below are picks of who the writers at BTB think will take home the hardware this year.


jimmyscalianfl: I’m expecting Golden State to start off fast in the first 2-3 games, followed by some minor bitching and moaning from Lebron. Cavs will pick up the slack, but Warriors will finish them off at home in game 7.

McGons: Cavs in 7. Warriors have added KD, but the Cavs have added a Kevin Love they didn’t see last year. He won’t be the MVP, but with the stars cancelling each other out, he will be the X-Factor.

Stanzo: Cavs in 4. Ayesha Curry tries to rush the court with the Warriors down 30 late in the 4th quarter of game 4 but James Jones comes out of nowhere and RKO’s the shit out of her. Confetti falls as the Cavs celebrate around her lifeless body, and LeBron supplants himself as the greatest of all-time.

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Dave: Kathy Griffin in 1. 3 minutes in to the first quarter, Griffin runs on to the court with a machete. Heads chopped off left and right, K Love is the first to go (white, straight, potential conservative). As she holds the collection of NBA stars heads at center court, she beckons “Not my President!”

Drew Potolsky: Warriors; With 2 of the top 5, 3 of the All-NBA, and 4 of the top 20 players in the NBA in their starting 5, they’re just too much to handle for the Cavs. LeBron is playing on another level, but he always does in the playoffs. Kyrie is probably a top 10 NBA player in his own right, but I think the Warriors will really focus on shutting him down, especially after last year’s Finals and with him being easier to shut down than LeBron. K-Love is no slouch, but everyone was more afraid of him when he was bodying dudes in the paint in Minnesota. LeBron will get his, but with Klay taking a backseat on offense to focus on defense in this series, and due to KD’s arrival (who is also no slouch on defense), I think the Warriors are just too collectively good to lose to a team that seems to basically ride Kyrie and LeBron and then on ring chasing vets and role players.

Riebs: Warriors in 6; From my immense experience of watching not a single basketball game all season I’m going with the Warriors in 6. Gotta stay loyal to my fanship of west coast teams and I see Steph Curry at a lot of San Fran Giants games. I wouldn’t say I hate Lebron, but I just don’t love him. He’s obviously great, but I just don’t like rooting for him. I hope my mans K-Love puts together a great series to represent #mostunderratedplayerintheleague

Reis: Cavs in 7 in the greatest NBA finals of all-time. Every game is decided by less than 3, and LeBron averages a triple double, legitimizing his claim as the GOAT by taking down one of the greatest teams of all-time. Warriors take Game One, but Cavs take the series.

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Tat: Cavs in 7, Lebron James is the GOAT and he’s not gonna let a baby face take his crown as the best player in the league. If Draymond kicks someone else in the nuts and grabs another game suspension then the Cavs in 6.
Bert: Warriors in 6.  I think people are overrating the Cavs just because of LeBron.  They are great and legitimately the only team that can match up against the Warriors.  But you have to remember this team was up 3-1 on this Cavs team last year, and it took a miracle for them to come all the way back. How did each team get better? The Cavs added Kyle Korver and Deron Williams, while the Warriors added Kevin Durant.  To me, the Warriors will be too much to handle.
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