Evil Losers. Sad!

Last Monday night, a heart-breaking terrorist attack took place at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England.  The bomber, who very recently traveled to Libya for three weeks, was named Salman Abedi, and the attack took the lives of 22 innocent people, including one police officer.  ISIS has since taken credit for the attack.

Who knew this website reported (some) legitimate news?

President Trump, in a true display of a mastery of the English language, utilizing eloquence and the diction of a 3rd grader who just got his toy truck stolen on the playground, called terrorists “evil losers.”


Now he did justify his word choice by saying that he would have called them monsters, but he thought that they would have liked that.  He acts as though “monsters” and “evil losers” were the only two options that he had when describing these terrible people; there are 171,476 words in the English language, however the best combination of words that Trump could formulate included a word that puts most 5 year olds in a time out.


We have seen the War on Drugs, we have seen what seems like a never ending War on Terror.  Now, in 2017, we have the War on Evil Losers.  Has a nice ring to it.



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