Thoughts After the Yankees’ Win Over the Royals Last Night

Had the pleasure of attending my third game of the season last night. My Dad, brother and I got hooked up with luxury box tickets from someone at his job, so it was a little bit different of an atmosphere than the bleachers, where I sat for the first two games this year. I had to hold back on yelling some things I usually would from the bleachers, but sitting in the box is an unreal experience. Watching a Yankee game in great seats, drinking Stellas and eating good food for free is how God intended life to be lived.

Anyway, this was a great win for the Yankees, and here are a few thoughts that stood out.

First, Severino was amazing last night. He’s pitching like the guy the Yankees thought he could be when he came up in 2015. He scattered four hits and struck out seven in 8 scoreless innings, making it look easy throughout. I’m still a little too concerned about 2016 to say this guy could be our ace of the future, but it seems like he’s gonna be a staple in this rotation for a long time.

Another great thing to see last night was Didi go deep. And boy, was it a shot.

Didi is my favorite current Yankee. A left-handed hitting shortstop with power who plays the game hard, he’s made the transition from Jeter retiring easier than I ever thought it would be.

Also, Jacoby Ellsbury made one of the best catches I’ve ever seen on the first pitch of the game last night.

Ellsbury would stay in the game for the remainder of the inning, before being replaced by Aaron Hicks for the top of the 2nd. This was because Ellsbury initially thought he just had whiplash, but once team doctors began to ask some questions, they determined he had a concussion as well as a sprained neck. The Yankees have placed him on the 7-day concussion list, although it’s likely Ellsbury could miss more time than that. Hopefully he’s not out too long, and the Yankees have recalled Rob Refsnyder from AAA to take Ellsbury’s spot on the roster.

In other news, a Chris Carter broken bat in the 7th inning struck a young fan. He was treated at the ballpark and elsewhere after the game. Carter said he plans to get in contact with the boy to make sure he’s okay. Hate to see that, hopefully he’s okay. Also, it really sucks he had to get hit with Carter’s bat. Would have much rather it have been Judge’s or something. Like this kid gets drilled in the head with a bat, and he gets the pleasure of meeting Chris Fucking Carter? I almost don’t know if that makes it better or worse.

Finally, I was a little disappointed when I looked around the stadium last night. I know it was a Wednesday night in May and the Royals don’t exactly have a large fan base in New York, but the stadium was pretty empty. We’re in first place! Why wouldn’t you want to come out and watch this young, exciting team win games? To be fair, the bleachers were pretty packed. Field level was what was the most empty. I think this proves that there are still plenty of fans who care enough that they want to go to games, but tickets at the new stadium are just too expensive. Something’s gotta give, because it would be sad to see this team to continue to succeed and play their home games in front of only 34,000 people.


Imagine this lineup when we actually get corner infielders who can hit (a healthy Bird and Gleyber Torres)? Fuck Chris Carter, and God help Chase Headley.

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