No, Mets Fans, Conforto isn’t Better than Judge and Mayonnaise is not an Instrument

As a Yankees fan, I know how good I’ve got it. 27 championships, 5 since I was born. Countless great players and memories to look back on. The greatest franchise in sports history. But I’m not here to talk about the Yankees, I’m here to talk about the Mets, the annoying little brother of New York baseball. I don’t have any issue with Mets players. The Yankees only play them 4 times a year instead of the 18 times they play the division rival Red Sox, so there’s really no reason to build up hate. Matt Harvey is soft as hell, but Syndergaard is one of the best and most likable players in baseball, DeGrom is an All-Star pitcher, and Cespedes is a really fun guy to watch.

I’m also a Knicks fan, so I can understand the life of a Mets fan in that everything that can go wrong will go wrong, even in ways you couldn’t possibly fathom. That’s why I respect the shit out of loyal Mets fans (shoutout McGonigle.) But the one thing I cannot fucking stand about Mets fans is their incessant need to compare everything they do to the Yankees. Let’s look at this tweet I saw today from Barstool’s KFC, the unofficial spokesperson of angry Mets fans.

First of all, just no. While Conforto does edge out Judge in batting average, Judge has more home runs (15 to 13), a higher WAR according to Baseball Reference (2.8 to 1.9) and is a better fielder.

Not to mention, Judge is doing all of this for a first-place team while Conforto’s Mets are behind the Braves in the NL East right now. With all of that being said, I’m not trying to sit here and say Judge will definitely be the better player moving forward than Conforto. I think these guys are both future All-Stars, and with it only being a little under two months into the season it’s too early to tell who’s the best future outfielder in New York. This is Judge’s first full season, and it’s been an unreal turnaround from his short big-league stint in 2016 in which he struck out 42 times in 95 plate appearances. Conforto’s third year in the league has served as his coming out party, as his .333 batting average is a huge improvement from .220 last year.

My point is this: Saying “Aaron Judge isn’t better than Conforto, he’s just bigger” is one of the most classic butthurt Mets fans lines I’ve ever heard. Can’t you just be satisfied you also have a budding star in the outfield and let ours focus on trying to win a division? We promise we won’t bother you guys trying to hold off the Marlins for 2nd place.

P.S. Happy birthday to one of my favorite angry Mets fans, Christian Tateossian. Hope it’s a good one!

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