Confirmed: Joey Votto is Not Mute

Nothing better than some good, ol’ school face-to-face confrontation.

As a fan, heckling players is like sneezing while driving. You close your eyes, let nature take its course, and have simply no idea the road ahead of you. It could go smoothly and you could hit nothing, or you could swerve off the road and hit an oak tree.

That’s pretty much what happened with this guy at the Reds game Tuesday night. ¬†He called Joey Votto out for not being good anymore, likely just looking for a reaction, and he got the Votto Special.

First of all, claiming Joey Votto isn’t good anymore is simply wrong, and if this guy was a Reds fan he should be ashamed of himself for screaming at the one guy who has kept the Reds relevant these past years. This year he is batting .300, has 12 home runs, 38 RBIs and has an .OPS over 1.000, and you can probably consider that a down year for him. ¬†Translated, that’s called consistency. ¬†He’s still really good, and I’m sure that fan is still really fat.

Secondly, Votto is the quietest “face of the franchise” guy in baseball and you never hear him say anything about anything, so I’m happy to see him stick up for himself and hold his ground. ¬†Since Griffey left, the Cincinnati Reds haven’t had much to be excited about other than a Chapman fastball, a cool Brandon Phillips flip play once a year, or the one year Todd Frazier won the HR Derby at home. ¬†And they threw Chapman out the door after the domestic violence incident (likely for the best), traded Phillips’ poor soul to the Braves, and let Frazier go in a three-team deal. ¬†So the weight of the team fell on Votto’s shoulders, where they low-key have been for a long time. ¬†You should never disrespect the hometown hero, and Votto for damn sure knows that.

Keep fighting for your right to be a stud, Joey, you’ve got my respect on lock down.

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