I Draw the Line at LaVar Ball Coming After My Girl Kristine Leahy

This blog hasn’t even been up for a week yet, and here we are talking about LaVar Ball. Throw in a couple Deflategate stories and an article about why anyone should give a shit about whether or not Tim Tebow gets promoted to AA, and we’re basically fuckin’ ESPN. Don’t worry, I don’t plan on talking about this clown often. But he did something yesterday that is necessary to talk about.

Everyone knows LaVar Ball is basically the Donald Trump of basketball. What do I mean by that? He repeatedly says/tweets dumb shit, it gets people’s attention, they talk about it. He’s claimed he would beat Jordan 1-on-1, claimed Lonzo is better than Steph Curry right now, and even blamed UCLA’s “slow white guys” as the reason they didn’t win the championship. The bullshit continued on The Herd on FS1 yesterday. Take a look for yourself.



First things first, I’m a big Kristine Leahy guy. She’s an absolute babe, and she actually knows her shit. FS1 is already lightyears ahead of ESPN, and her and Colin are two big reasons why. Anyway, I get LaVar’s whole act. Clearly, he’s gonna come on the show, be a total dick to Kristine for no reason, and get a ton of publicity from articles like this one. That’s just not okay. Coming after someone who had you on their show for attention is crazy disrespectful, and disrespecting women is definitely not okay. It’s really sad because Lonzo Ball can really fucking play. The kid has a good shot to become a perennial All-Star, yet the first thing you think when you hear “Lonzo Ball” is his buffoon of a father who averaged 2.2 PPG in one season of college basketball.

Kristine came out to defend herself later on on FS1’s Speak for Yourself.

You go, girl. Nothing hotter than good-looking women who know what they’re talking about when it comes to sports, and it was awesome for her to call LaVar out on his bullshit. Can’t wait to see how many more dozens of $500 shoes this guy will pretend to sell.

PS- if there’s any way to repair his image, it’s by doing more videos with Lil Dicky. One of the most likeable guys I can think of.

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