LeGarrette Blount is on the Eagles and it only took like three months

Okay, so there was interest from the Giants, Lions and the Cardinals, but the Eagles ended up landing the league’s 2016 rushing touchdown leader. But who’s the real winner? That’s right, the fucking Patriots again.

They threw a seldom-used tender on Blount that worked in favor of their compensation formula. That’s right, they could potentially end up with a compensatory draft pick because of this acquisition, according to NFL.com. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt after the Super Bowl. The unexpected is expected with them.

Anyway, let’s stop sucking off the Pats and focus on Mr. Blount.

Now lets rewind a little bit…

Image result for bull shit seth rogen

Couldn’t agree more Walter Jr.

I understand that Peterson received a two-year deal, but he could earn up to $12.5 million with incentives. And Blount only gets to earn up to $2.8 million? Also, Peterson collected a $2.5 million signing bonus, according to Bleacher Report. That’s almost Blount’s entire potential contract.

Just doesn’t make sense to me. Blount even ran for over 1,000 yards, so clearly he’s more than a goal-line back. Also, 18 fucking touchdowns. Put a little respect on the guy’s name.

Look at this animal. You’d think he would put his head down and get the first down, but instead he side-steps the entire defense and then puts safety Maurice Alexander on skates.

Now, back to Philly. I think it’s a pretty good signing. Why not? For a maximum of $2.8 million? This guy behind that Eagles offensive line could really be dangerous. I’m not going to lie, it hurts to say this, but the Eagles have really had a great off-season. They’re a serious threat in the NFC East. I could totally see why Blount chose them.

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Live look-in on Ryan Mathews.

The acquisitions of Blount and Alshon Jeffery could easily make Darren Sproles and Jordan Mathews more productive in their offense.

Just not ready to put Torrey Smith in that category yet…


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